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December 2019
Dance Dance Dance

Dance Dance Dance is a multi-artist exhibition uniting myriad perspectives to form a visual exploration into the social and cultural significance of gesture and dance in Iran. Taking its name from a 1960s progressive Iranian garage band, Dance Dance Dance, presents works by seminal artists including: Hengameh Golestan; Khosrow Hassanzadeh; Sohrab Kashani, Ardeshir Mohasses; Fardid Khadem; Malekeh Nayiny; Mohammad Shirvani; Jinoos Taghizadeh; Sadegh Tirafkan; and Mitra Ziaei Kia and Maryam B. Nesami. Dance Dance Dance is partially sponsored by The Prix Off F.P.Journe, pioneers leading institutional curated exhibitions under ArtMonte-Carlo. Prix Off 2017 was awarded to Magic of Persia for the Contemporary Iran exhibition, curated by Fereshte Moosavi.


February 2020
From Tehran With Love
Shirin Neshat, Turbulent Series (1998)
This exhibition brings together the works of 45 emerging and established Iranian artists living in Iran and the diaspora. Celebrated internationally, these are artists that rebuke tired stereotypes instead underscoring their significance by engaging with the discourses of the moment. The title of the exhibition makes playful reference to ‘Tehran’, as a collective identity rather than a city, a notion formed through a remix and reimagining of nostalgic memories and discerning understandings of contemporary universal realities.
Exhibition (open to the public): Feb 10-12, 2020
7080 Hollywood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90028
To view the exhibition catalogue click Here
Special Thanks
Ali Razi - Farhang Foundation Trustee & Keynote Speaker: We applaud Ali, our keynote speaker, for his moving sentiments and unwavering dedication to contemporary Iranian art. We also extend our appreciation to the Farhang Foundation who share our principles and deep-rooted commitment to the proliferation and advancement of Iranian art and culture.

Arash Sadeghi & Maneli Keykavoussi - Concept and Exhibition Design: For uplifting and framing our selected artworks in the most powerful and fitting manner we thank Arash and Maneli who brought our environment to life.

Pandemonia - Design Finale: We celebrate Pandemonia first of all for her unforgettable presence and effervescent spirit. We also extend our gratitude for the definitive design touches that illuminated our space - from the contemporary chandeliers to the exquisite floral additions.

Leon Neman: We salute Leon Neman for his unwavering support and humility in providing us with all the fabric that adorns our space.

Darvish Fakhr - Performance: We thank you for your joyful performances on the evening of our auction/gala and for sharing the message of Magic of Persia while floating on his magic carpet along the streets of California. We’re delighted that you could bring the Walk of Fame to life and ignite our night through the wondrous spectacle of the contemporary whirling dervish.

MH - Live Musical Performance: For complimenting our visual array with an equally impressive audio output we thank Michael Henry for his live music performances.

Leyla Fakhr - Curator: We celebrate Leyla for lending her immense curatorial talent and crafting the wonderful symphony that is ‘From Tehran With Love’.

Ebbie Melamed - Co-curator and Artwork Selection: A fond friend of MOP and a leading name that has greatly contributed to the current prominence of Iranian art, we extend our appreciation to Ebbie for his expertise that was so kindly bestowed upon our artwork selection.

Ignited Space: Without your generosity, we wouldn’t have had access to this incredible venue - we thank you for your kindness, support and generosity.


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